Simon has had a truly eclectic and thoroughly enjoyable career. He started out leaving university having no idea what he really wanted to do but quickly (quite by accident) fell into insurance investigating for Lloyds of London, based in Brussels with a remit to cover the French speaking areas of Europe and North Africa.

Three years later having ‘grown up’ he returned to the UK and entered the financial markets in the City as a broker-trader in the Belgian government bond market.  Five years passed and having been made redundant, due to the introduction of the Euro and automated computer trading systems, he had another change in direction and entered into the projects arena where he has remained ever since.  He commenced in the world of film setting up his own company of location managers. During this time he demolished his house and project managed the build learning a lot of lessons on the way, notably about his own capacity to work!

In 2007 he was mobilised for service in Iraq (he had been a member of the Army Reserve since leaving school).  He soon found out that Army Headquarters in Wilton near Salisbury was where his ‘Iraq’ was to be.  He worked in the opaque (murky) world of UK Operations for 2 years before transferring to the RAF to do more of the same.  The list of interesting projects is varied and includes the Olympics and the G8 summit, the list of boring ones is small.  On leaving the services in 2015 he went to work for himself as a Project Manager working in the IT sector before working as an interim manager in a cleaning firm.  Upon completion of his assigned task he signed up with a Project Consultant agency in London to work once again in the IT sector.  On his way to a meeting in London he met David Evans MBE, they chatted…the rest is history.

He lives locally (Ringshall) and enjoys walking his dogs, cross country running, sailing and clay pigeon shooting.

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